Technology Services at Your Scale

Technology decisions are Business decisions. Server loads and traffic, content and features, services and apis are all reflections of your business plan. With an eye on your business goals, large and small, we can build the tech to deliver the experience you want for your customers, in a way that's maintable for your business, at a scale that's right for you.

Get Tech That Fits You

Crafted Sites

We buid sites of all sizes — from small business-card sites to grand multi-departmental organizations. We craft them with care and focus of how they deliver value through content, experience, and usability.

Artisanal Apps

Mobile isn't special any more. Its table-stakes for business today. Our custom applications provide features and workflows wherever your wandering business takes you.

Code Launch

Project stalled? Need an extra hand until launch-day? Our breadth of knowledge means we can jump in and be productive in no time. And our expert project management will focus on the features that will get you launched!


The big picture only comes together when each technical layer is aligned with your vision for your business. We can tailor a technical architecture that uses the best development practices to deliver the best business practices.

Toolsets We're Proficient In

Our technology tool-bag goes deep. We know the upsides and the pitfalls, and can advise you when you get to choose, and guide you when your choices are constrained. We know how to ship code lots of different ways.

Server Side PHP

  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • PyroCMS
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symphony
  • Drupal
  • YII
  • FuelPHP
  • CakePHP

Ruby on Rails Too!

Client Side JS

  • VueJS
  • Angular
  • React
  • jQuery & jQueryUI

Server Side JS

  • NodeJS
  • MeanJS
  • SailsJS & Meteor

Mobile JS

  • Ionic
  • Cordova (was PhoneGap)
  • Appcelerator Titanium

Mobile Native

  • ObjectiveC for iOS
  • Swift for iOS
  • Java for Android

Cloud & Dev Ops

  • Git & Git Workflows
  • Dev, CI, Staging & Deployment Automation
  • VMs with Chef, Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMWare
  • Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, WPEngine
We Can Help

We Love Laravel
with a little vuejs

Good tools help you write clean, maintainable code. But great tools like Laravel make you the best developer you can be by standing on the shoulders of a whole community, by making you write much less and by making it single-line simple to do things like logins (yep - one line logins!), by providing crucial features like relationships, and migrations, and integrated testing, and composer, and on and on.

Laravel is the leading PHP framework for a very good reason. And our team has contributed to the core framework to help make it better.

Featured From Our Portfolio

Some of what we do is very visible. We've got lots of experience in front-end design and user experience. And some of what we do is entirely invisible. We've built systems that make complicated multi-server setups entirely transparent to web users and search engines. We're a group of very skilled full stack developers and we hope you can see that for yourself with these featured items.

Like What You See?

  • ExamConcepts

    User Experience

    ExamConcepts' users are primarily students — so they required a particularly sensitive approach to interaction while being sure to remain compliant with federal regulations like COPPA. In practice that meant making kid-friendly features like the avatar builder instead of using a standard photo uploader because COPPA requires that we not store photos of kids.

  • Berea College

    Large Websites & Pro Workflows

    We helped them implement their new design with custom wordpress themes and customizable child-themes, so that the site was consistent while also allowing individual departments control over their content. We migrated them to a git workflow and implemented a Sass-based css workflow so the could easily manage change across a large number of sites.

  • Phoneleks

    Mobile Apps

    We love Dr. Who. And back in the early days of the Mac we used to play a game called Daleks, which featured him fighting them off in a classic chase game. So we built a JavaScript-based mobile app as an homage to that. It's called Dr. Steve vs the Phoneleks.

  • Berea's Frontdoor

    Custom Servers

    Berea's web team was faced with the daunting task of moving over a multitude of departments to the new site design. So we built a custom frontdoor server that stood in front of both their new server and their legacy server and allowed them to transition each department individually on their own timeline while still presenting all the servers as a single entity for both users and search engines.

Activity & News

We know we can make a difference when we get involved. We're very active in the local business, technology, and startup communities. We've participated in or sponsored mentoring programs, internships, startup weekends, hack-a-thons, and other events that connect our community together.

Featured Post

2020 KYJSUG & KYPHPUG Meetups will be Virtual

We love chatting code over beers with ya’ll but there’s just no good way to do it in-person and be healthy so we’ve decided, after some successful experiments this spring, that all meetups of JS and PHP user groups will be virtual (on Zoom) for the rest of 2020.

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PHP & JS User Groups

We sponsor and lead the local developer-oriented PHP and JavaScript user groups.

KYPHPUG on Apr 16:
Crossover Topic: April Codemonkey Chat Time

Crossover Topic: April Codemonkey Chat Time

KYJSUG on Aug 20:
Building APIs with NestJS

Examining the NestJS javascript framework.


Come get involved. We know you could make a difference too. We'd love to see you out there.

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